The lay-out of a LCE can be arranged in several ways, HICE has chosen for a split between the tensioner-part and the hydraulic power unit (HPU). This allows the HPU to be placed separately at some distance, which has the advantage of reduced noise and reduced space requirement on the work-deck. The tensioner-part is top loading to ease loading/unloading of cables and allows for simplified handling of end-connections and possible joints.

Dimensions LCELength 4.6m
Width 1.6m
Height 1.3m
Weight in air3.5t
Dimensions HPULength 2.8m
Width 1.1m
Height 2.2m
Weight in air2.4t
Power Supply440 V, 60 Hz, 75 kW
Wheel pairs5x wheel pair with wheel 620 mm/each
Wheel drive10x hydraulic motors with individual gear boxes and hydraulic brakes
Working Pressure280 bar
Line Tension Force50kN (can be increased to 70kN)
Cable openingMin 0 mm/ Max. 450 mm
Speed control0 – 50 m/minn (0 – 3,000 m/h)
Hydraulic drive with continuous variable speedand regulation in both directions
Operating modesManual via Joystick
Constant speed
Constant tension
Wheel pairs can be opened, closed, started and stopped either simultaneously or seperately
Operations via remote control console c/w local and remote emergency stop
Tension measurementPermanently installed frame-mounted load-cell PAT Krüger with 0 – 10,000 kg capacity
Length measurementTemporarily installed frame-mounted wheel Hohner Encoder, HWI103S-2021R073-3600

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