The Smartquadrant – E bow cable engine has been designed to assist in loading of various cable types from fibre optic to medium sized power cables.
The complete system consists out of two quadrants and one central electrically driven hydraulic power unit with a wired remote control.
As the system is electrically driven, whereby the system can be used both for loading of cables in harbours and for transpooling of cables onboard cable lay vessels or freighters.


Overal dimensionsLength 1.65m (approx. value) exclusive quadrants
Width 1.25m (approx. value) exclusive quadrants
Height 2.0m (approx. value) exclusive quadrants
90° side quadrantssuitable for up to 4.5m bending radius
Weight in air3.50t (approx. value) incl. quadrants
Working load limit8.50 t (approx. value) solely related to cable weight
Power Supply380 V, 50 Hz, 32 A or 440V, 60 Hz, 32 A
Wheel pairs4x wheels with wheel 650 mm/each
Wheel drive4x hydraulic motors with cooled electric driven HPU
Working Pressure200 bar
Max. Pulling Force20 kN
Cable openingMin 25 mm/ Max. 300 mm
Speed control0 – 50 m/min (0 – 3,000 m/h)
Hydraulic drive with continuous variable speed and regulation in both directions
Load controlLoad cell with 0 – 10,000 kg capacity

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